JJ's Summer Camp Weekly Newsletter - Weeks 3, 4, and 5

A Fun First Two Weeks & More Ahead!

JJ’s Jam Families,

Thank you to all our families for a great first two weeks! There was lots of fun to be had. Our campers quickly adjusted to seeing their friends again! We had plenty of fun doing all sorts of activities & exploring the world on our “virtual field trips.” We have a great rest of June planned & look forward to plenty of fun activities. We just wanted to provide a few reminders for our families as we enter the next several weeks & beyond!

  • The registration deadline for July changes is June 22nd.
  • Further details will be coming out soon on tutoring!
  • If your child will be absent/out for the day please email us at info@jjsjam.com before 9:00 AM to let us know.
  • Closed toed shoes and socks are required. Please no crocs or sandals.
  • Children will need to have their own sunscreen each day as there will be no sharing of sunscreen this summer. We will apply as needed throughout the day! Each child, including siblings, should have their own bottle labeled with their first and last name.
  • Bring your water bottle daily!
  • No outside toys are allowed on the premises. However, books are allowed.
  • We will provide updates on our July scheduling in the coming weeks along with additional information about changes to the program.
  • Follow us on Instagram (JackAndJillChildCare) & Facebook for updates throughout the summer!
  • Please try to stick to a consistent drop-off & pick-up schedules, if possible to help our staff with our new protocols.
  • JJ’s Jammers should be dropped off at Door C in Saint Anthony.

A Recap of the First Two Weeks

We had a great first two weeks! We have learned about trees, tie-dyed shirts, worked on our first art projects with Ms. Anna, practiced sports, built obstacle courses, planted garden and many more exciting activities. Our younger campers have practiced bagged lunches and cartons of milk for the first time. All ages have had a blast so far! There have been plenty of smiles and laughs these first two weeks with more to come in the following weeks!

Quick Update on Water Bottles & Water Stations

At Jack & Jill, to reduce the spread of germs, our water bottles stay in our lockers throughout the day unless the children need a drink. We have water stations with cups in our rooms without lockers and throughout the center to make sure your children are staying hydrated. You can still send a water bottle with your child every day, but if it is still full at the end of the day, this is the reason why. We will make sure all the children are hydrated every day, even if their water bottle is full at the end of the day.

What to Bring Each Day

On a day-to-day basis, this is what a camper should bring:

  • Backpack
  • Water Bottle (may be left here for week if wanted)
  • Sunscreen (Non-aerosol)
  • Close-toed shoes
  • Sweatshirt if needed
  • Hat if needed
  • Extra change of clothes if needed

In addition, campers may bring a book from home. They may also bring in their own markers or other art supplies for their own use, but they must stay in their locker and not be brought home every day.

Note: No toys are allowed from home at this time. Also, no weapons, guns, or knives are allowed to be brought in.

Policies in Place to Create a Safe & Secure Environment:

These are our policies to make JJ’s Jam a safe and secure environment:

  • Each group of children are kept in a separate classroom with the same daily staff.
  • Children currently attending will remain in their existing classroom setting with the current daily staff.
  • Children absent for an extended period and return to the program will be placed in a classroom setting daily with the same staff and will not be mixed with the other children.
  • The mixing of children will be staggered for playground times, transitions in the corridor and lobby areas.
  • Classrooms have been separated by partition walls to allow for a maximum group size of 10 children for active learning and active play areas.
  • Staggered learning times for learning, including art, large motor, fine motor, and active play time.
  • Playgrounds have been separated into separate play areas to allow for a group size of 10 children in each assigned space. Staggered entry and exit times to allow for transition in and off the playground, on the sidewalk, and in the building commons space.
  • Children will be screened for symptoms and their temperature will be taken before being allowed to enter the program.
  • Our buildings are cleaned daily with a GEN-EON misting system to sanitize the facility.

Here’s to Another Great Two Weeks!

Our staff and campers have had a blast over these first two weeks and are looking forward to the activities planned over the next few days. We appreciate all our families’ support as we adjust to the new summer format. Our staff have been working incredibly hard to fill the days with fun activities and keep our rooms safe & clean.

We are looking forward to a great rest of June! Please feel free to contact us throughout the summer with any questions.

Giles Koski: GilesK@jackandjilledu.com

Cade McSherry: CadeMc@jackandjilledu.com