Parent Teacher Conferences

Saturday, December 1st 8:00 – 12:00

Teachers are working hard to prepare for your child’s conference and assessment meeting to be held on Saturday, December 1st between 8:00 and noon. Conferences are an important time for teachers to connect with parents about their child’s development.

On Monday, November 12th sign-up sheets will be in the lobby at each of the Blaine and St. Anthony programs. Your child’s name will be listed within the Classroom and Teacher assigned to your child’s developmental progress.

Infant conferences will last for 20 minutes, while all toddler and preschool conferences will be a 15-minute time frame. Thank you in advance for arriving on time for your meeting and being mindful of the time frame when speaking with your child’s teacher. This helps for all families to stay on schedule with the remainder of their day.

Please note: Child care will not be provided on conference day. If your child needs to attend, please note they will remain with you during the time of conference as the teachers will be in meetings.

We look forward to seeing all families on December 1st. Make-up conferences will not be scheduled unless otherwise approved.