The difference is C.L.E.A.R.

Jack and Jill Childcare has a C.L.E.A.R vision statement: We are educators providing children with Care, Leadership, Education, Attention, and Respect. Our program works diligently to develop and implement a quality curriculum to meet all of the areas of our vision statement.

Building a better way.

In order to better meet the early childhood education needs of children and families in our community, we decided to take on the challenge of developing our own curriculum. We developed our very own expert team consisting of early childhood professionals from around the state including licensed teachers, licensed social workers, community members, and Jack and Jill teachers, staff, and administration, to make our dream a reality. Together, we have developed a curriculum that makes children excited to learn and teachers excited to teach! Our curriculum focuses on the following:

Learn by doing

Children learn best through social play and real life experiences. Children need the opportunity to be involved in the learning process with hands on activities and instruction that develops a love for learning. Our curriculum offers experiences for children to be ever evolving as learners through play and teacher instruction.

Higher bar, higher achievement

The expectations for what children must be able to accomplish in Kindergarten are higher than they’ve ever been. Our curriculum is designed to reflect the most recent national pre-kindergarten guidelines for children. Children in our pre-kindergarten classrooms follow a strong kindergarten readiness program in addition to our typical preschool curriculum. Younger preschool children and toddler age children follow a set learning curriculum that builds the foundations for their pre-kindergarten year.

Socially and emotionally prepared

Social and emotional development is equally as important as academic development in early childhood. Children take on the feelings, emotions, and burdens from the people in their lives just like adults do. As a program, we contract with a licensed social worker who aids in our development of the social and emotional development.

Meeting milestones

Children all develop at different rates, but there are milestones that should be met at different ages and stages of development. Jack and Jill Childcare teachers are versed in the MN Standards for Early Childhood and these standards are incorporated right into our daily curriculum. In order to effectively track these milestones, our program believes in authentic assessment, which means that teachers gauge children’s learning as it takes place in their normal daily routine. Children are assessed during their typical learning and play schedule. Our teachers meet with parents two to three times each year to review their children’s developmental milestones and to set goals for the months to come.

Everyday Growth

The curriculum at Jack and Jill Childcare continues to grow each day as we meet new children and new families. We look forward to the continued growth of our program as we provide children a safe, loving, and enriching environment to come and learn each day.


  • This is truly a place built for kids. All rooms have good ratios of teacher to kids. Rooms are properly equipped with toys and the staff is very careful to make sure their kids are always safe. Highly recommend J&J to everyone! I wish someone had told us about them sooner!

    Toddler Parent
  • Thank you for putting together such an awesome program - it far exceeded my initial thoughts of what a daycare could be. Thank you.

    Toddler and Preschool Parent
  • I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we have been. We are so proud of who our son has become during his time there and we owe a lot of that to everyone who has helped him learn and grow.

    Infant Parent
  • You run an incredible program and your staff is exceptional.

    Infant Parent
  • I can’t say enough great things about your teachers! They take such awesome care of our son! He is thriving and is teaching me new things everyday, a new Spanish word or a sign, or showing me how he can make a triangle shape with his fingers. I can’t believe how much he learns everyday and it’s really a showing of what fantastic teachers he has.

    Infant Parent
  • Our daughter recently had her Kindergarten screening and she got a perfect score! They asked her where she went to preschool and I told her Jack and Jill. She raved about the school and said she always recommends it to parents. Thank you for doing such a great job with our kids!

    Pre-K Parent