Building a Better Way.

We developed our program curriculum to focus on the learning and developmental needs of the children in our communities. The curriculum meets the Minnesota Early Childhood Standards in learning areas of emotional, social, physical, cognitive, and language development. Our diverse team of early childhood professionals has created a curriculum allowing children to learn in a play-based setting. Our teachers take pride in teaching our result driven curriculum.

Math & Science

Our classrooms are supplied with materials needed to bring science to life. Examples include learning how to make butter during farm week and simulating rocket launches during space week.

Math activities make learning about numbers and problem-solving fun. Examples include counting, sorting, graphing, and charting results of the hands-on learning.

Fine Motor & Writing

Children learn basic skills in fun and creative ways to keep them focused and engaged. Self-help skills include tying shoes, buttoning clothes, putting on winter clothes, and snapping snaps.

Our children learn how to write in a variety of ways. Examples include writing letters in applesauce, sand, or salt trays, and driving toy cars through shaving cream.

Creative Representation

We provide structured and free-form art projects. Children are encouraged to use their imagination using a variety of materials. Masterpieces are made from paint, glue, tissue paper, nature materials, and more.

Early Literacy

We teach our children letter identification, progressing to early-stage reading. Through games and repetition, children learn to identify their first and last names, friend’s names, and the letters of the alphabet. Children work on rhyming, letter sounds, and blending of sounds to form words.

Dramatic Play

We foster every child’s love for imaginative play with fun, themed, dramatic play centers. During dinosaur week, your child’s dramatic play area will transform into a dino dig where they can explore with “fossils” and use brushes to uncover bones hidden in sand. Cardboard boxes are transformed into airports, city streets with box cars, and train stations during transportation week.


New items are introduced weekly into our sensory tables. Hay and oats are introduced for farm week and dirt and toy trucks are used for construction week. In addition, children get to touch and explore a variety of items such as shaving cream, cooked noodles, colored rice, and home-made playdough and slime for added sensory.

Above & Beyond

We take advantage of growing young minds by exposing them to sign language and Spanish. Our curriculum introduces new words weekly in both sign language and Spanish. Learning basic sign language alleviates frustration in the older infant and toddler ages before children are able to fully speak.

Spanish instruction is often music based, exposing children to a foundation of future language development.


  • This is truly a place built for kids. All rooms have good ratios of teacher to kids. Rooms are properly equipped with toys and the staff is very careful to make sure their kids are always safe. Highly recommend J&J to everyone! I wish someone had told us about them sooner!

    Toddler Parent
  • Thank you for putting together such an awesome program - it far exceeded my initial thoughts of what a daycare could be. Thank you.

    Toddler and Preschool Parent
  • I can’t even begin to tell you how happy we have been. We are so proud of who our son has become during his time there and we owe a lot of that to everyone who has helped him learn and grow.

    Infant Parent
  • You run an incredible program and your staff is exceptional.

    Infant Parent
  • I can’t say enough great things about your teachers! They take such awesome care of our son! He is thriving and is teaching me new things everyday, a new Spanish word or a sign, or showing me how he can make a triangle shape with his fingers. I can’t believe how much he learns everyday and it’s really a showing of what fantastic teachers he has.

    Infant Parent
  • Our daughter recently had her Kindergarten screening and she got a perfect score! They asked her where she went to preschool and I told her Jack and Jill. She raved about the school and said she always recommends it to parents. Thank you for doing such a great job with our kids!

    Pre-K Parent