The perfect school age
enrichment program

JJ’s Jam is the perfect option to enhance your child’s school day by learning a new game, making new friends, learning a new skill, and just having fun! Our programs are geared toward a child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs.

School Age Programs

JJ’s Jam offers a nurturing learning environment for School Age Children from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade. Our School Age Program offers Before and After School Care, School Release and Early Release Day Care, and All Inclusive Summer Camps. We emphasize safety, enrichment, and physical activity to support a busy school day. Our staff is dedicated, experienced, and trained to nurture and educate your child. JJ’s Jam is a licensed and inspected facility from the MN Department of Human Services and we provide care with the highest national standards.

JJ’s Jam is all inclusive: transportation to and from the center to schools, breakfast, afternoon snack, homework help, field trip fees, lunch, and more.

Convenience & Care

Not every parent has a job that coordinates with their child’s school hours. Many parents are faced with a period of time in the morning and/or after school when their child will be alone and uncared for. If you are looking for a solution to this problem, JJ’s Jam before & after school program is a great solution!

Our before school program at JJ’s Jam starts at 6:30a.m. at our Blaine location and 7:00am at our St. Anthony location, and goes until the school day begins. This means that you don’t need to worry about what time school starts, as your child is safe with us until then. As a parent you can drop off your child on your way to work and know they will make it to school safely. That same great service is reliable at the end of your child’s school day as well, where they will be bussed back to our campus, enjoy an afternoon snack, homework assistance, and opportunities to expand on curriculum content.

All before and after school care pricing includes bussing, breakfast and/or snack.

Please register no later than Friday, August 15th to reserve your child’s spot in JJ’s Jam.

Age Groups

Kindergarten through Sixth Grade

Our day camp participants are grouped by age and assigned a lead teacher who guides them through the week’s schedule. All lead teachers have 4-year degrees and work with our program full-time year round.

Children Entering Kindergarten

  • Get savvy with summer as we travel by bus, learn the buddy system & field trip safety skills
  • Zero depth water play and park play
  • Hands on craft activities to grow your child’s creativity
  • Learn classic board games
  • Visit the local library weekly

Children Entering First and Second Grade

  • Make new friends as we travel to destinations geared to your child’s age and interest level
  • Confidence building as a swimmer and in sport play
  • Learn to bead, enjoy drawing, painting and sketching
  • Learn age appropriate games
  • Visit the local library weekly

Children Entering Third to Sixth Grade

  • Make new friends as we travel to destinations geared to your child’s age and interest level
  • Field trips designed to keep 3rd – 6th grade students energized, excited and active throughout the summer
  • Water parks, swimming, organized sports and park activities
  • Learn and compete in age appropriate gaming activities
  • Scrapbooking, origami, beading, yarn and embroidery crafts
  • Visit the local library weekly