Before and After School Care

Before and After School Care

JJ’s Jam provides a Before and After School Program for families or parents who start their work day early and need until 6:00pm to pick up their child.

Not every parent has a job that is from 9 to 5, most people their workday begins earlier. Many parents are faced with a period of time of when their school going child or children have nobody to watch them until school starts or the bus arrives. If you are looking for a solution to this problem as a parent, JJ’s Jam before school programs will be a great solution.

What time do we start?

Our before school program at JJ’s Jam starts at 7 a.m. and goes until the school day begins. This means that you do not need to worry about what time school starts as you child is safe with us until then. As a parent you can drop off your child on your way to work and know they will make it to school safely.

Download Our Monthly Before/After Care Calendar

2017-2018, School Age. Sept. 2017.pdf

2017-2018, School Age. Oct -Nov 3 2017.pdf

2017-2018, School Age. Nov-Dec 1 2017.pdf

2017-2018, School Age. December 2017.pdf

2017-2018, School Age. January- Feb. 2 2018.pdf

2017-2018, School Age. February- March 2 2018.pdf

2017-2018, School Age. March 2018.pdf

2017-2018, School Age. April 2018.pdf

2017-2018, School Age. May-June 2018.pdf