It’s a new year!

Welcome to the Fall 2016 School Year! As always, we’re looking forward to giving your little ones the best possible environment to learn and grow.

By now, everyone should have received their welcome letters with classroom assignments and instructions for creating an account through our new, awesomely streamlined Parent Portal, where you’ll be able to access important documents as well as download and complete important forms throughout the year.

Along with a new school year, we’ve also got a new website. We’re going to continue to add to the functionality in the near future and as the year progresses, all in an effort to increase communication and convenience. We’ve heard your requests and have worked on a few things to familiarize yourself with. The first of which is integration with Google Calendars, so you’ll have easy access to Jack & Jill events and important dates. Secondly, we’ve added a section where you can download and view our menus, so you can plan accordingly at home and be ready for the excitement on pizza day. Lastly, there is an Announcements section at the bottom of the homepage that will stay updated with upcoming events and important news.

As our new site continues to develop, feel free to send feature suggestions or feedback to and we’ll do what we can to make them a reality.