Growing Together

Jack & Jill offers a nurturing learning environment for children 6 weeks to 12 years of age. Low teacher-to-child ratios and small groups within the classrooms allow for more individualized attention. Developmentally appropriate programs are tailored to meet the social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of individual children. Each comprehensive, hands-on curriculum theme follows Minnesota Early Childhood Indicators of Progress and kindergarten readiness requirements. Active play learning is done in both small and large group time.


(6 weeks – 16 months) Our Infant program works with our families to build a routine for their baby that works not only at school but at home as well. Teachers and parents work closely together, getting input from one another on what is best for their child’s needs as they move through the milestones.

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Young Toddler

(16-24 months) Toddler classrooms work towards independence and relationship building while introducing developmental areas of learning. Our toddler program prides itself on tailoring the curriculum to meet the needs of children age 16-24 months.

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Intermediate Toddlers

(25-35 months) In our intermediate toddler rooms, children begin the second step to our program’s curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to take each skill and content area and break it down into multiple steps as a better way to teach the children and allowing them to learn at their own rate. In these rooms, you will find the same core concepts of teaching independence, relationship building, and introducing developmental areas as in our young toddlers, but at a higher level.

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(3 years – 5 years) Our preschool classrooms are the next step in your child’s education. Here, your child begins learning about what defines them as a person and how to work with peers. Children develop their social and emotional skills while asking questions about the world around them.

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(the year before kindergarten) Our goal is to help children sharpen the skills they have already developed and learn new skills to prepare for kindergarten. The pre-kindergarten program helps each child become an independent learner, setting them up for success in kindergarten.

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School Age

(K – 6th grade) As your child progresses through their primary school education, JJ’s Jam will be there along the way. Before and after school care, school release days, and summer camp all give your child a valuable opportunity to expand their education in a fun, safe, and social environment.

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Your Child’s Day

Depending on your child’s age and program, your child’s day will encompass the following activities.

Core Learning Time

A comprehensive hands-on curriculum based on the Minnesota Early Childhood standards and pre-kindergarten readiness requirements. It is built around teacher and child initiated learning activities that promote active learning.

Large Group Time

Large group time builds a sense of community. Children and adults come together for movement and music activities, storytelling, and other shared experiences. Children have many opportunities to make choices and play the role of the leader.

Small Group Time

Small group activities are chosen to emphasize one or more particular content areas, but the children are free to use the materials in any way they want during this time. It allows for teachers to focus on individual skill development.

Active Play

Children run, climb, swing, roll, jump, yell, and sing with energy. They develop fine and large motor skills while learning teamwork and building confidence.

New outdoor playgrounds and indoor large muscle rooms offer age appropriate equipment rain or shine.

Meals and Snacks

Meals offer an opportunity to practice social behavior and personal responsibility.

Healthy and delicious meals and snacks are prepared daily in our on-site, licensed, and inspected kitchen.

Rest Time

Rest time helps children relax and prepare for more learning and play.

Soothing music and a relaxing atmosphere provide just the right environment during the quiet period.