Creative Steps Dance


Why Creative Steps Dance & Movement Classes?

Children learn through movement! Movement allows the brain to produce endorphins, increasing the child’s energy level and ability to learn. This is a fun way for children to stay active and burn energy, while exploring new concepts. These classes will include the use of props, instruments, and exposure to different music and dance types! Shapes, numbers, and letters can all be learned through song and body movement and we can’t wait for all that your children will learn! Songs and activities will follow Jack and Jill’s weekly curriculum themes too!

Who are the classes for? All children in our Ladybug (2’s), Fish (3’s), Frogs (4’s) and Turtle (5’s) classrooms will participate in weekly classes.

When will classes take place? Classes will take place similar to each child’s typical outdoor play time. Classes at our St Anthony location will take place on Tuesday & Thursdays and on Wednesdays at our Blaine location.

What should my child wear? Children should wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.

Are there additional fees? Creative Steps Dance & Movement Classes are included in your child’s tuition. There are not additional fees for your child to participate.

Are private classes also offered? Private dance classes through Creative Steps Dance Company. Please see below for more information.


Does your preschool aged child love to move their body? Are you looking for a convenient way for your child to participate in private dance classes without adding an extra evening event to your calendar? Creative Steps Dance Company is a fun way for your child to experience the art of dance with their friends here at Jack and Jill during the typical school day!

Each dance class is taught by professional and experienced dance instructors with more than 10 years of experience teaching lessons to preschool aged children! Similar to classes taken at a dance studio, children will have an introduction to the basics of ballet, hip hop, and modern dance. Class fees include:

  • Weekly 30 minute sessions (16 sessions in total)
  • End of season recital with choreographed routines
  • Full costume to match recital performances
  • Practice CD of routine music
  • Ballet shoes
  • Class t-shirt

For more information about Creative Steps Dance Company visit