Intermediate Toddlers

25 months – 35 months

In our intermediate toddler rooms, children begin the second step to our program’s curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to take each skill and content area and break it down into multiple steps as a better way to teach the children and allowing them to learn at their own rate. In these rooms, you will find the same core concepts of teaching independence, relationship building, and introducing developmental areas as in our young toddlers, but at a higher level.

  • Use words to communicate wants and needs
  • Build the beginning of foundations in literacy
  • Further develop fine motor skills
  • Participation in basic sorting and matching
  • Basic problem solving skills

Your Child’s Day

Depending on your toddler’s level of development, their day will encompass the following activities:

Core Learning Time

In our toddler rooms, your children engage in activities at the table that relate to math, creative representation, and fine motor. The children are able to move from activities freely and explore with teacher assistance while they build on these skills.

Large Group Time

Children engage in daily discussions about theme-based topics, read and listen to stories that relate to our weekly theme, and talk about the weather outside. This gives the children a chance to be heard, participate, and build social skills.

Small Group Time

Children work on specific concepts for each learning area with a small group of children.

Math: Children start to do the basic concepts of math like counting and sorting. As they become more comfortable, they will start to count aloud to themselves.

Science: Children build their understanding of items around them by mixing colors together, exploring nature and playing with magnets.

Writing: Children learn how to hold a crayon, putting it to paper, and pushing down to make marks. As they master holding the crayon, they will begin to make squiggle lines, and circular marks, before progressing to writing letters.

Active Play

Children work on large motor skills as they climb through tunnels, position themselves down the slide, and run across the playground.

Meals & Snacks

Our staff actively engage with the children during meal time. They encourage and support our young toddlers when it comes to trying new foods. Our toddlers will learn how to drink from a small cup without a lid and how to use utensils.

Rest Time

Toddler rest time consists of one nap a day. During this time, toddlers work on comforting themselves and restoring their energy.