The year before kindergarten

Kindergarten readiness means more than just being able to count to ten, say the alphabet or sit in a chair for a long time. Equally important to being ready for kindergarten is having self-confidence, displaying appropriate behavior in different environments and developed social skills. Our kindergarten-readiness based curriculum is designed to prepare your child in all these areas for success on the next step of their educational experience.

  • Small group sizes to better meet the individual needs of the child
  • Teachers dedicated to the development of trust, security and emotional growth through prompt, nurturing and responsive care
  • A curriculum designed to foster learning through stimulating sights, sounds and physical exploration
  • Daily reading to all children
  • Daily walks inside or outside (weather permitting)
  • Daily visits to the playground (weather permitting) or visits to indoor large muscle room
  • Detailed individualized reports on each child’s activities provided daily
  • Sign language exposure
  • Spanish exposure
  • Bi-annual parent-teacher conferences (additional conference available upon request)
  • Open door policy for parents

Pre-Kindergarten Program Objectives

Jack and Jill Childcare’s pre-kindergarten classrooms strive to prepare students for lifelong learning, with intellectual and social-emotional development.

Physical Development Objectives

  • Catching and throwing medium sized balls
  • Hops backwards
  • Enjoys wheeled riding toys
  • Learning to skip
  • Completing a 10+ piece puzzle
  • Beginning to ties shoes
  • Preference developing for right or left hand.
  • Buttons and zips
  • Copies most letters and shapes

Social/Emotional Development Objectives

  • Pleasant personality, likes to help.
  • Responds to praise and positive guidance.
  • Enjoys groups of friends.
  • Has difficulty admitting he/she is wrong.
  • Sometimes needs to be alone to regroup and regain control.
  • Dramatic play is very involved with assigned roles, specific settings and duties.
  • Imagination is still very active.
  • Creative but beginning to be aware of conforming within a group.
  • Dress themselves.

Communication/Language Development Objectives

  • Ask “Why” and “How” of many things.
  • Experiments with other languages-counting in Spanish, saying hello in Chinese.
  • Conversational language is well developed
  • Sustained dialogue between peers is sustained
  • Developing an appreciation of poetry and rhymes.
  • Enjoys creating and acting in skits.
  • Likes to “Read” to younger children.

Intellectual Development Objectives

  • Likes long-term projects with a resulting product.
  • Enjoys designing new things on paper.
  • Loves humor in books.
  • Creates patterns to use in art projects.
  • Likes to explore how things evolve.
  • Solves problems through imitations and insight.
  • Enjoys games that help with letter, number, color, and shape recognition.
  • Understands some abstract concepts-seasons, days of the week and months.