Preschool (Frogs)


4–5 years

Our preschool classrooms are the next step in your child’s education. Here, your child begins learning about what defines them as a person and how to work with peers. Children develop their social and emotional skills while asking questions about the world around them.


  • Teach teamwork and cooperation
  • Basic math introduced via patterns
  • Emphasis on imaginative play, hands-on experimentation, and cause and effect

Your Child’s Day

Depending on your child’s level of development, their day will encompass the following activities:

Core Learning Time

Classrooms focus on teacher and child initiated activities that promote learning. Areas are set up for math, science, fine motor skills, creative expression, sensory, dramatic play, and block building that adhere to the weekly curriculum themes. Staff encourage children to participate in each center.

Large Group Time

Children engage in daily discussions about theme-based topics. Fiction and non-fiction stories are read daily. Additionally, children participate in calendar, weather and literacy components as large groups.

Small Group Time

Classrooms work on specific concepts for each learning area in a small group.

Math: Children work on concepts of one-to-one correspondence, patterns, numeral identifications, and simple addition.

Science: Introduce concepts of cause and effect, gravity, force, and movement all while doing fun hands-on experiments.

Writing: Preschool children learn how to hold different writing materials such as a crayon or pencil. They also learn how to hold and manipulate scissors in order to cut on a line and various shapes.

Active Play

Classrooms work on large motor skills including swinging independently and pedaling while riding trikes.

Meals & Snacks

Our staff actively engage with children during meal time. Discussions about the color, smell, texture, and how their food tastes take place at this time.

Rest Time

As children age, we work with families to start shortening nap times so they may prepare children for the kindergarten experience.

  • Testing